For Students, By Students

Our Mission

WeAreHousing revolutionizes student housing by bridging the tenant-landlord information gap with a comprehensive platform, accurate data, unbiased reviews, and lease education. Our innovative technology and matching service foster transparent, mutually beneficial relationships in a personalized, supportive environment that champions users' rights and needs.

WeAreHousing Team

Who Are We?

WeAreHousing is a student-driven startup committed to optimizing the housing experience for students and property owners alike. WeAreHousing is a dedicated team of PSU undergraduates - Tanishq Barot, Max Cheever, Carolyn Hearn, Spenser McLaughlin, Frederick Sion, Sarthak Singh and Punya Shah - committed to transforming the housing experience for students and property owners.

Our student-driven startup prioritizes education and empowers tenants by providing valuable resources and innovative tools. With our unique insights and diverse skills, we've developed a comprehensive platform that fosters transparency and mutually beneficial relationships in the real estate market. Together, we're working towards scaling our impact and expanding our services to more campuses.