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Connect with potential renters in your area on WeAreHousing without any initial cost. Our inclusive platform welcomes all renters, including students who can currently use our services for free.


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Simplify your housing journey with our platform. Enjoy easy lease understanding, efficient communication, and quick property previews. Stay tuned for our upcoming property matching feature, tailored to connect you with your perfect rental. Whether you're a property owner or tenant, find the features that suit your needs and experience the convenience and efficiency of our platform.



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Experience easy lease navigation, entry to desirable State College residences, smooth communication, at-a-glance property overviews, and anticipate our future property pairing functionality, designed exclusively for students in a single, comprehensive package.

  • Lease Understanding
  • Access to State College Properties
  • Built in Communication
  • Property Quick View
  • Property Matching (Coming Soon)

Property Owners/Managers


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Introductory offer allows new property owners/managers to enjoy the platform free of charge for the first nine months following sign-up.

Benefit from customized onboarding and effortless communication, while anticipating future enhancements like insightful analytics and tenant pairing in a single, all-inclusive pricing plan.

  • Personalized Onboarding
  • Built in Communication
  • Analytics (Coming Soon)
  • Tenant Matching (Coming Soon)